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[SnP]End of the Line[v1]


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can anybody help me in the final storyline mission?

IMO, its hard if im not fireproof

i really wanted to do it myself but i need to be fireproof(the part where tenpenny shoots something with a shotgun)

here's the link:End of the Line


thanks and god bless

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I'll do it.


For: RyujinXKaizer

Missions: End of the Line

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: Respect +

Status: Completed.


Congratulations - You've finished all the storyline missions!

Filled up your armor.

You should finish off Zero's missions.

You could also complete the Heist missions.

You've got a phone call waiting.

Saved at The Johnson House.


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif

Edited by miromiro

Dead (Retired)

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You're welcome, glad to help. icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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