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Failed to install patch


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Hi there, I installed my GTA IV : CE and tried updating IV to the patch, but when the installer comes out, it says "Failed to update title". EFLC works normal tho.


Before this, it was normal, no problems. Only recent installations have this problem. What could have been the source of this?


My system :

Intel Core i5 750

ATI HD5770

8GB Hyper-X DDR3 RAM

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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This is a very moot point and it's some odd system setting that's causing it probably. If you have some AV program, disable it during the installation. Also make sure to run the update as admin.


If all fails, you can use this http://www.4shared.com/archive/sHL0ym0_/GTAIV_patch_7.html

Just extract the archive into the game directory using latest winrar or 7zip, overwriting files along the way.

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Will try the patch in the link first. Do I have to manually uninstall RGSC or just leave it there after patching?


Nope, doesn't work. It crashes after logging into RGSC. Note that I already disabled my AV during update and installation. Tried updating the patch 7 again while running in admin mode, still doesn't work.



Just to show what's really happening :


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If you managed to extract that archive, your game is updated to The game crashes for some other reason.


Which version is EFLC? Older EFLC has a conflict with GTAIV settings files. Try to delete game settings and see if that gets you anywhere.

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