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Wrong side of tracks


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I am trying to do the mission Wrong side of tracks many times but am unable to do so.

Please if anyone can help me


Link : http://gtasnp.com/download/29966


u can send the link of saved game to me at : <removed> Never Post E-mails in the forum. Use the Forum PM if necessary.

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I'll do it.


For: vishwesh1811

Missions: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: Respect +

Status: Completed.


Picked up an armor for you.

Saved at The Johnson House.

Next time please post with this Save N' Play topic title format: [sNP] Wrong Side of the Tracks [V1/V2].

Also, next time don't post your E-mail on an online forum, or you might get spammed by spam-bots.


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif

Edited by miromiro

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