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How to rig a car...


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Hey i have just spent the last couple weeks creating my astra mk4 as there are none on the

gta car mod sites and i have hit a stopping point as there are no tutorials explaining how to rig a car

and taking apart the standard models are sooo complicated to try and just piece together as the main body has like seven copies

of the same part... Im really stuck and really want to get it working so if anyone knows how to rig for gta 4 and

would like to help me or send me in right direction to a proper gta 4 specific rigging tutorial would be greatly appreciated.


Im currently running full version of 3ds max and zmodeler so i think i have all the resorces i need just not the knowhow.


So far i have the doors boot bumpers and bonnet seperate to the main body aswell as four wheels.

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Seriously no one knows anything about making cars for gta 4?!?!?!


This seems highly unlikely i just want to use my car that i have made with 3ds...

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