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school buses, schools, and/or college campuses


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So in previous GTAs, I don't recall seeing any school buses (though one or two Driver games had them).


GTA III had a college campus on Staunton Island I believe. If I remember correctly (kind of a hazy memory regarding this game), weren't there backpack-wearing college students roaming near the campus area?


Think we'll see school buses, schools, or college campuses, as we are going to have a more detailed city (I presume)?


Or do you think R* will not add them due to the controversy of shootings on college campuses? I don't see them adding school buses either, due to the fact that doing anything reckless (speeding, shooting, etc.) near a school bus is a sort taboo in American society. I think a lot of individuals or groups would be quick point fingers at/sue R* for GTA (as they always do sarcasm.gif) when some tragedy of this nature happens after the game is released, if they add this stuff.


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No, you won't see any school buses or schools in GTAV. Driver 2 had school buses but in Driver 2 you couldn't use them to run down people or shoot uzi's out of them.


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