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Problem with LODs and Map Editor


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I've added hundreds of mods to GTASA, but only recently have I noticed a serious problem with one of the bridges near Fort Carson that may be result of one of the modifications. (I'm thinking it might be due to the SRT3 mod which I tried installing but didn't work.) It seemed like the LOD file for "des_ebrigroad10" was missing, since the bridge was invisible from far distances (very noticeable when trying to land a plane at SF airport), but still appeared close up.


So I went into map editor, noticed the LOD for the bridge was in fact blank, searched around and found what I think is the correct LOD file (lod_des_ebrigroad07). After I saved countN.ipl and returned to GTA, the problem was worsened. Now the road section of the bridge was missing for both the LOD and up close (see images below).

user posted image

user posted image


I can't even revert back to the way it was before by using my data backup files, which I can't make sense of, since the backup file date clearly dates back to a non-modded version in 2005. I also found that it's impossible to make the LOD field in Map Editor blank again. Is it possible that in order to fix this, I need to manually change something within that map file?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Okay, I was able to partially fix the problem with restoring the old road texture by manually adding an extra "des_ebrigroad10" to the IPL file, which I think is overlapping the one that's not showing up for some reason.


This is what I added to countn2.ipl:

16384, des_ebrigroad10, 0, -480.789, 1055.73, 9.29688, 0, 0, 0, -0.25755, -1


There's just a small margin of error in the placement which I'm trying to fix.

user posted image


But the problem still remains with the bridge seeming to have a non-existent LOD file since it still becomes transparent when not up close. Turns out that what I thought was the correct bridge LOD actually wasn't too, since it's too long (lod_des_ebrigroad07). Does this bridge even have an LOD?

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Ops! Are you using LOD DLC ? it seems that des_ebrigroad10 doesn't have any LOD support. I never notice and didn't expected. It will be fix on the next update.


What you can do is take a new IDE & IPL with des_ebrigroad10.dff and named it LODdes_ebrigroad10.dff or LODebrigroad10.dff if in gta3.img is too long. And remember, you need the actually des_ebrigroad10.dff IDE/IPLs to have the right coordinates and set 1500 in IDE for draw distance in order to see the new object.


For collision, if you don't want to install new .COL, you can use Med Editor and link the LOD to des_ebrigroad10.dff but remember this, it will link on STREAM.IPLs inside gta3.img [countN2_stream.0] I already gave you the info. You can link them with MED, on Item section bottom of Z,Y,X, coordinates then check CountN2 from IPL and you use the SAVE button near FIND, DELETE, NEW FILE, then save it again on FILE left corner above, SAVE INSTALL. Remember to backup countN2_stream.0 and install it everytime you clean up your gta3.img.


Oh wait, I used all the available spaces IDs in CountryW; IDE/IPL for those road bridge pylons. You can erase one and change it with this one though.

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