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Mission Help!


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Here is a example, i attempt to create a Assassination Mission.

This is what i do:

1-I create a objective/pickup gun.

2- I create a Objective/Actor to kill.

3-And the actor will only show up after i pick up that gun.


I want to all the things to show up at once.

Is there a way to fix this?


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Objectives are meant to be completed before the next one triggered. You can add the non objective pick up if you want to spawn everything together. Make sure you add it before adding the objective actor.

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1.Create the player(without weapon).

2.Create the actor(not as objective,as a simple actor).

3.Create the pickup objective.

4.Hide the actor after the pickup objective.

5.Put the actor as objective.



Hope I helped you! smile.gif

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And don't forget to -ON- (KILL ALL ENEMIES) on Actor (Objective) if you want objective is kill all actor

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