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Help me get into the chopper please


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Please somebody help I am on the final mission and have used 0 cheats but this final revenge task (out of commission) is driving me insane, I have no problem in taking down his goons, I get to the bike and ride the coast on each attempt but as soon as I make contact with the chopper I want to pull my hair out because despite me doing what it tells me to do and repeatedly tap A it just swerves after about 10 seconds and drops me to the ocean. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else I should be doing other than repeatedly tapping A? I would be very grateful if someone had the answer.

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Did you try to rapidly press A or just normally?


Hmmm....the only suggestions I've seen about catching the helicopter is that or press A (as hard as you can tounge.gif) normally.


E: OP done the mission.



Did it finally!!! biggrin.gif
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