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How do I get to other areas?


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I tried cheating to get planes and helecopters but the cops tried to kill me when I went into the new areas.


Thinking this was an "anti cheat" measure the programers took, I decided to find a low spot on the shore of the river so I could swim across the river. When I do that, the moment I get to the shore on the other side, the cops STILL start trying to kill me.


What's up with that? How do I get access to new areas without the cops trying to kill me (and without cheating to remove my "wanted" level)?

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The only way is to complete the storyline missions. That way, you'll unlock everything step by step.

Dead (Retired)

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The only way is to complete the storyline missions. That way, you'll unlock everything step by step.

Does that mean each city is unlocked separately, or once you beat your "starting" city, every other city is unlocked too? What mission exactly unlocks each city? Someone post a guide on this, that will allow a person to do a "speed run" to unlock all the cities.

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Yeah, finishing the missions in Los Santos will unlock the Badlands & San Fierro. The mission that unlocks it it's The Green Sabre.

To unlock the desert and Las Venturas, you'll have to complete the last San Fierro mission, which is Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

EDIT: Take a look at the Mission Tree as well, it might help you.

Edited by miromiro

Dead (Retired)

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Yup...more areas become available to you as you go though the storyline. In the previous 2 games, area restriction was done by surrounding it with water and disabling or blocking bridges across. But since you can swim in S.A., R* needed some other way. Hence, the automatic 4-star wanted level (the explaination given in the storyline is that Tenpenny wants to keep you around).


However, you can still visit such areas whenever you want to. This opens up an additional challenge in the game - by doing available side missions/tasks and obtaining collectables while such areas are still restricted. Getting all horseshoes in L.V. after it has been unlocked, for example, is a -really- boring task. Much more challenging to do it when police are gunning for you for leaving L.S.


Best way into such areas is probably via parachute. But this leaves you vulnerable right from the get-go. If you time it right, you can cause a hijacked train to pass right -through- the blockade, and have a virtually indestructable means of moving around the map. Just don't let cops climb aboard smile.gif If you wander too far away from the train, it will disappear...so an exit strategy is still needed in most cases. But it's a good way of getting close to an objective without losing health just to get there.



Go visit Unity or Market Station to hijack a train. Using a train engine that is towing THREE cars (type of cars and direction of travel does not matter), go all the way North through Las Colinas and into the hillside. Stop at the first tree you see once you emerge from that tunnel...then travel the opposite direction - keeping the button pressed thoughout. The engine will begin shaking (indicating imminent derailment) as you pass by the underground Market Station...but keep the hammer down all the way through Richman. Your velocity will be too high for the game to slow you down in time on appoach of the blockade...and you'll slide right through.

This trick can also be done with engines that are towing two or four cars, but you'll need to use a shorter or longer running distance.


If you are just after collectables (horseshoes, photo-ops, oysters), some early missions feature "wanted level exploits" to make that easier. At certian points of such missions, you are never given a wanted level no matter what you do...and so you are free to roam wherever you want while the exploit is active. A good one to experiment with is Sweet's mission "Drive-By". At the start of the mission, just take off instead of getting in the car (doing so kills the exploit).

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I like to go collecting during the "Reuniting the Families" Mission.

Instead of entering the building I have CJ go to the other Islands.

Then when he returns after his 'walk-about' he can finish the mission.

During the Missions you will unlock the islands for travel (opening the bridges and air space), and then there will be specific 'missions' that allow you further 'unlock' the ability to buy safe houses and business' in the citys.

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Using a 100% completed game save means the Game is FINISHED. There is nothing to do but view the scenery.

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in the mission "Drive-by", you can even go to area 69 without being whacked


just don't get in sweet's car after the cutscene is finished


but if you want complete access(going through bridges, not using an NRG-500 to go from Rodeo-Flint County/Montgomery-Las Venturas)

you need to complete Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom, after you get a phone call from toreno i think

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