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Whats up guys, Big C here. Recently, me and my good friend have been running out of ideas to do online. Hilarious jumps? Check. Chases? Check.

So, I had the idea to create a mode called Objective. Its quite simple. Create a list of 6-10 objectives to complete. Put them into a list randomizer on Randomizer.org, and boom! Create a starting objective on your own, then follow the list. Set a timer on your phone, or just go at your own pace. Objectives can be escort missions, assassinations, holding down areas from cops, and specific car theft. So far it's only been me and my friend who have played it, and if anyone wants to join us on PS3 one day, send a Friend request to b-man112 (he hosts because my ingame friends list is glitched) Tell him Big C told you to add him for Objective.


I would to have more people, maybe with specific roles. For an added challenge..we only carry 1 primary weapon, and our pistol.

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