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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded


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Q. The best pick-up line is:

  • Hey baby, what's your sign?
  • Want to go for a ride in my porsche?
  • For a fat girl, you sure don't sweat much.
  • Do you know where I can buy some Vaseline?

Surprised that no-one else has posted this yet, but plans are afoot to bring back Leisure Suit Larry: http://kck.st/LeisureSuitLarry


The original one that is, with the original Al Lowe, not the crappy cash-in ones with his nephew (that Al / Sierra had nothing to do with). Those of us old enough to remember it probably have fond memories of trying to crack the "adult protection" - wish I'd known about Ctrl+Alt+X back then.


They (many of the original Sierra folks, now Replay Games) have started a KickStarter project to gather enough money to fund the creation of the game, without the oversight of publishers trying to get them to tone down the content. They've licensed the franchise from Codemasters who currently own the rights, and are having to prove themselves by 'reloading' the first game before they can create completely new ones (which they plan to).


I've been kicking myself since I lost my Larry Boxset CD - hopefully this will ease the pain.

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Totally remember these.


So is it going back to a more animated type format as opposed to the more recent 3D console installments?


EDIT: Just watched the linked video, looks like they're going in that direction. I like that they're commiting to the classic style, lets just hope it's a notch up from some freeware flash based Newgrounds type game or it won't be seen as very legit. Best of luck to them.

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Mister Pink

I seen this on one of those Xbox shows on Live. Brilliant. I love this look much better than the last game I played.


My Ex used to love playing this game and it was really the only proper game we played through together.


I look forward to playing this one for the laugh.

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard about a gaming company using Kickstarter to fund a game in the past two months, I'd have at least $12.


With $274,421 already have been pledged, I'd say that this is definitely going to happen. Nostalgia!


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Los Santos Pedestrian

I hope this isn't a complete failure like its predecessor, Box Office Bust.

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I hope this isn't a complete failure like its predecessor, Box Office Bust.

Al Lowe wasn't involved with that, he actually states it's better to pretend that they don't exist!

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