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Ed's revealed info


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Guys... I have been watching Ed's info blow up here and on other websites the last few days. I interned at the same time as Ed and I just wanted to say that the things he said are not true. Ed was actually asked to leave the internship for misconduct, which was hey, hey... SEEKING OUT PRIVATE INFO about games under development. I know he didn't get far because he was dismissed pretty soon after he started. I worked another few months and guess what, I literally learned nothing about this game besides what was said in the public media releases by Rockstar. I think Ed is upset over the way things worked out, and wants to start something. Don't believe anything in his post. Rockstar security is pretty tight and this is why no leaks actually occur. Enjoy the rest of the wait LOL.


PS please don't ask me about anything GTA-V related. I don't know anything about that game and only worked there a few months before it was even announced. I can however talk about getting an internship for any up and coming game devs like myself.

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