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[SnP] Need help with GTA IV Final Mission


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I've tried numerous different keys to climb up the Helicopter, haven't been able to, heard it's some bug.


Would of liked to complete the game without cheating (on 0 cheats), but unfortunately need someone's help in completing the mission.


Can someone complete the last mission for me, have 8 RPG's to blow up the cars at the beginning killing them quickly, body armour, and a lot of ammo on SMG and Rifle.




Anyone that helps me it would be great.



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Don't worry vvv. smile.gif

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His request has been done hours ago (he received the savegame). I was just about to post this. I wanted it to be an example.


I'm terribly sorry Dr. John13. sad.gif


Anyways for an example:



For starfishswag
Mission(s) In Mourning
Link http://gtasnp.com/download/29901
Notes Used Slot No. 3.
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