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new tram for GTA SA


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Hi! I am working on a TC for GTA SA. I want to adda vehicle, or replace one (does not matter) that looks exactly like a tram, BUT: I want to drive this ... tram on a tram rail that I made. The tram rail looks like this at a point:








So there are two physical channels in which the wheels should go. The wheels should be very thin and exactly like on a real tram. With a part that should go in that channel and a part that should be outside the channel that should go on the railroad... I think you know what I mean... I know that the car...tram will go anywhere, because it will be a car, not a GTA SA tram which will follow a path, no matter where the tram rail is. But I will manage to drive it to a tram rail and then drive it like a real tram. And also I would like to make it with four wheels in front: two on a side, two on a side and so in the back. The four wheels on the front should be on a ... flexible piece, because I want not to press the Left or Right keys in order to turn left or right. It will go exactly by the rail.


I will remake the tram rail, if necessary, to be a little larger for the wheels.


What advices do you give me? How can I make this tram? I will manage at intersections, do not ask me about that, but I really want to do this. Thanks for any useful information and have a nice day!

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All I can really say is that you should just replace the SA Tram and edit the scripted paths so they follow your new route, I think there is way to make you the driver of the tram but it could be a bit buggy.

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I agree with A610, replace the default tram and then modify the trams paths. icon14.gif


Deniskas SA tools comes with a path importer + exporter so you can do that.


Any chance of you uploading your current map progress? I want to see the quality+polycount of the map and i can give info on what needs to be improved. (also i just wanna play it too tounge.gif )

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