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GTA V - Video Editor


Video Editor is back?  

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  1. 1. Video Editor is back?

    • Yes, but it's new.
    • Yes and is the same video editor as GTA IV (with bugs fixed).
    • No, no more video editor.

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Hello everyone.

How about use again video editor, on GTA V?

I think, to use a new video editor (of course, without bugs), to share on internet.

I don't know, if Rockstar, would put video editor, again on GTA.

What do you think?


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This is a good tutorial about how to use Search Feature. Thanks to radioman.


Now it was OT.

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Would be awesome to create your own scenes with the video editor and would be cool to make a "freecam" which you can move over the whole state with.

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R* did use some sort of video editor similar to PC IV in V's trailer. I highly doubt R* will include one like PC IV into the console because each replay file is huge, unless R* found ways to shrink the file size dramatically. A replay feature that overwrites the previous one like in the Renderware GTA games is more likely but I still doubt it.

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