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Why the hell do i have a shovel?!


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i was playing away got up to the big smoke wrong side of the tracks mission (man i hate it so)


i randomly saw a 'cheat activated' message - but i didn't enter one, maybe i mashed the right combination of buttons?


anyway i could figure out what cheat i'd activated, but the weird thing that happens now is any time i save and then restore i end up wit ha shovel and half my guns missing


game play seems the same otherwise, i'm gonna try the cheat remover app cause i wanna play thru no cheats first


anyone know what might be going on and how to fix it?


its pc/mac version btw

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Impossible on PC but possible on Joypad. Do you have the orignal game or do you use crack? Some data related to game might be corrupt, try to reinstall it and start a new game. Don't worry, you will reach to this progress soon.

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Best if you simply go to one of the other Eight saves, before the 'Cheat' happened.

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