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Help Needed - GTA IV Pixelations


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Hello, my name is Sheppie and I have a bug or something in my game, which ruins everything else, here is a picture of a gameplay, while using a mod called LCPDFR ( Los Santos Police Departament First Response ) which allows you to play as a cop, as N.O.O.S.E. or FIB. Here are the pictures:

user posted image

user posted image

In these pictures, if you look closely, you can notice a pixelation at the lighty stuff. That ruins everything else. I have spend a lot of time making these pictures, troubles with the sizes and stuff. I would appreciate a lot if any of you would spend any amount of time, just like how I did, telling me how to fix this.




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First, Please post the REQUIRED information from the Pinned Troubleshooting topic, as posted by Justin(A Moderator):

What is your Processor?

What is the Processor Speed?

What is the Ram?

What is the Video card?

What is the vram?

How much dedicated vram?

What is the Sound card?

What is the OS?

Do you have the latest SP for the OS-ie. SP3 for XP, SP2 for Vista, and SP1 for 7?

Any mods or trainers?

Any Daemon tools or the like installed on PC?-these can cause problems with games.


Is this the Retail(DVD) version OR a Downloaded version?

If Downloaded, from where?

If Retail, Is this the Original DVD OR a Copy of the DVD OR a No-DVD crack?


This will help people fix the problem...Please read and utilize the Pinned topics in the future..Thanks


Next, get rid of the Mods, as that is more than likely the cause of the problem...Also, this section is for Un-Modded games ONLY-Modding questions go into the Modding Forums, as noted at the top of every sub-section here...Just a heads up. smile.gif

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