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GTA IV not working


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a year ago it worked just fine

but i send my pc to a friend to clean it up a little

and he installed internet ex 9

now when i install it it crashes

i read on the cover that it works for internet explorer 8

i have IE 9 now

could that be the problem?

and if it is,how to change it back to IE 8

cuz IE 9 is not installed on my pc,it`s just moved

and i can`t delete it without administers permission


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Do you have orignal copy?


Web Browsers don't effect games...


Ask you friend about IE 9 as he installed it, he might have the password.

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IE9 beta brought on wininet version which caused crashes. You should make sure to install the latest IE version available and do not delete stuff manually unless you know what you're doing.

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yes,the game is original

i just don`t know what could possibly be wrong

i installed it like 5 times

and i have everything it requires

cuz like i said i played it a whole year long

good times...

and onther thing

can i play it without the CD somehow?

i mean it`s not really that scratched but it will one day

and i wanna avoid that

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