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it's all about prometheu's


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hello my name is Caxcan teyiaki (king of the caxcans(a indian tribe from my homestate zacatekas)) and im here to share my theory about the unsolved V http://www.rockstarbase.com/v/.


by the way i do not speak proper english im triying really hard to express my self on this beautiful language any way i would post a spanish resume at the end if some hispano want's to translated to perfect english.


i first hear about the unsolved V on http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=481121 so triying to solve the puzzle i find this page http://www.rockstarbase.com/v/ which contains clues.


unable to solved i start seeing coincidence's betwen the already solved V's and i get to the conclussionthat every V contains a famous landmark from the city on we're it is located so i get back to the clues and start thinking does hollywood have a famous tree nop,does ghost town have one? nop,does roswell have one nop, but then i realise nevada actually have a famous tree it was called prometheus and it was the oldest organism in the world so i think is not about what's on nevada today it's about what was there some time ago.


then i use google maps and i found this http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/2971/prometheus.png the pic is from september 2009 now imagine you we're there in september 1963 on your right there would be a giant and famous tree in the middle the road and on the background a mountain that resemble the one in the V.


one this isn't enough right well i find these theory writted by mi friend columbo http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...entry1060588939 now prometheu,perseus and zeus there are all gents from greek mithology.


but it get's better researching prometheus in mithology i find that he stole the fire from zeus (on the mount olympus) and take it down to the earth and gifted to the humans just like deeptroath take the info from rockstar and give it to us the gta fans.


but you want even more right? i think i can explain the deeptroat image. the back ground mountain represent mount olympus, bernie represent's prometheus (deeptroat), and the horse represent's pegasus (the gta community) so he's triying to say that we need to solve the puzzle and help him in order to get more gta v info.


now this isn't enough right?????? okay now the clues gta5.net admin's give us roswell(NM) and nevada represent RDR map while hollywood and ghost town represent gta sa map.


what this means? it means gta v map size is going to be 1 SA map plus 1 RDR map (or the map is going to contain california,nevada,and new mexico although because of the "southern california" argument i really doubt about it).


so this is my theory i hope you like it.


spanish resume.


hola mi nombre es caxcan teyiaki y voy a presentarles una teoria espero sea de su agrado.


la primera ves que supe sobre la V sin resolver fue gracias a un post de deeptroat llamado genesis el link esta mas arriba.


entonces me quebre la cabeza pensando en donde se podria localisar y al no encontrar explicasion posible empese a ver parecidos en las V's ya resueltas denote de inmediato que todas eran lugares famosos de la ciudad a la cual se relacionan entonces pense existe un arbol famoso en hollywood,roswell o ghost town??? no.


pero en nevada existio uno que se llamaba prometheus el organismo mas viejo el cual estaba en great basin nevada al llegar a esta conclusion busque en google maps para percatarme de que el paisaje resembla perfectamente la foto escondida en la V solo faltaria el arbol que fue cortado ahora imagina que estuvieras ahy hace 50 allos entonces la imagen haria una remembransa perfecta a la imagen.


pero no es suficiente cierto? nunca lo es. pero la teoria de columbo me apoya pues en ella dice nombres de figuras griegas zeus,perseus etc. las cuales tienen en comun mucho con prometheu.


ahora se pone mejor buscando informacion de prometheu encontre que el robo el fuego de zeus en el monte olimpo y se lo dio a los humanos como obsejio igual que deeptroat roba info de r* y se la regala a nostros los fans.


ahora segun mi teoria el monte en el fondo de la imagen de deeptroat representa el monte olimpo,bernie representa a prometheu (deeptroat) y pegasus a nosotros los fans el quiere que lo ayudemos a llegar al monte olimpo a robar el fuego lo cual segun mi traduccion es resolver el enigma de la V y creer en lo que el dice.



.gracias por leer. (mas detallado en ingles pero mejor escrito en espallol) saludos.




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