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Possible game-breaking saves issue.


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I am running Windows 7 and I was using the patched GTA IV.


By mistake, my brother saved the game while using Create Player, a mod that allows you to change the character you're playing as. If you try and load the game now, it automatically loads that save and then the game crashes because you are not supposed to save while using this mod.


I deleted all my saves and the problem was still happening. I uninstalled and started vanilla and it was able to start a new game just fine through logging into GFWL.


I think the problem I'm having is Xliveless interfering with GFWL. The new saves I've made on the vanilla version are not recognised by the game once I install Xliveless and the game will auto-load the corrupt save again.


I know I can just play the vanilla game and not play with anything that needs Xliveless but I am way too used to Icenhancer and things like that.


Does anyone know a way to solve this issue? If there is something I have not made clear please say and I will try to explain exactly what the issue is.


TL:DR My game is autoloading a corrupt save (which does not show up in the saves folder) with Xliveless installed and is not seeing the game saves I made while logged into GFWL. I would like to use Icenhancer and other mods but if this is beyond saving then I just want to know.



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Do you use Orignal CD or a crack?


Modding question/problem? Post in one of <!--SS--><!--SC-->these forums<!--EC-->.<!--ES-->


Did you download this?


EDIT: Adiing to what Girish said -


If you are not using Xliveless then your save flies should at this place: C:/Users/<Username>/AppData (This file would be hidden. To Unhide a file: Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options> Show Hidden files and Folders.)/Local/Rockstar Games/GTA IV/savegames

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You're probably forgetting that Xliveless changes the location of the savegames folder. So, if you remove Xliveless, the game will try to load saves from the previous location.


If you're using Xliveless, you need to copy your savefiles to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\

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