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Player Animation Change SA


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Hello! I tried to change CJ's animation group/player's animation group in peds.ide.

It has not worked. So, please give me an anwser or a tutorial topic about it.

I've already performed a search, googled aso..


It's interesting for me. At least, because it's not any problem to edit the peds animation group in PEDS.ide


I believe it's not possibe, because CJ is the only one with muscle animations.

Another systm then. But how to change it?

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Ty, but I already have it. And the "cheat code" is not comaptible with my mods sad.gif .

So how to change it in main.scm or cleo.


I tried that


{$CLEO .cs}






wait 1000

until Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)

0245: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR walk_style_to "sexywoman"


wait 1000

until not Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)



If it's ok, then please tell me how to create it. Because my .cs of don't work.


-> Sannybuilder New file -Code- compile

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