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Valley Gang Sigs


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So i need signatures for The Valley Gang. And I'm hoping to get multiple artist to attempt this because i feel a wide variety would be awesome.




Anything that is:


1) GTA Related (Packie for example, but not just him)


2) Irish Related


You may use any of these logos to go with it


user posted image



user posted image



user posted image




Or use your own or don't use a logo. Up to you icon14.gif




The Valley Gang



Any of these ranks :

Támhshuanaigh miúil

Extorter sráide

Rádala gunna

Fear cnaipe

Fear dílis

You may use your own text!


Don't forget, you do not have to follow any of these examples above. Design is totally up to you.




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Boss Falcone

Hey Narcis I am bumping this for my allies.




Important Announcment

I am stepping down as Chief of LSPD, basically I am resigning, I have college, work

and real life events coming up soon. This account shall be banned which I shall request soon. It was nice working with all of the officers and members of the LSPD. I shall stay in contact with you all. No matter what happens, I will still be getting GTA V, maybe I'll play with some of you soon, but when I get on Xbox, we shall decide what will happen with the LSPD, thank you for being loyal and respectful members and standing firmly by my side, appreciate it.

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Nice Unrated, to anyone else looking for a project, just keep making sigs icon14.gif

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costello family
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Thank you Costello. I would like to keep this topic up, continue to attempt sigs or headers or anything for us. Greatly appreciate it.

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