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202 ways to kill/bust Niko

Dr. John

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We all know the rules. We will post until we reach till 202 facts about how to waste and bust Niko.


Let's start -


1. Go to the Heli Tours place and steal a heli, fly to Charge Island and fall above the factory and the heli hits you just before you stand, you fall right to the eyes of the security guard of the factory.


2. When driving a car at a full speed with 2 star and diving out of the car, you bad luck is that you stop near a LCPD station and the officer bust you.


Everyone should give atleast 2 option (One for Bust and the other for Kill).

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3. Walk next to a wall and fire a rocket launcher at the wall.

4. Trip over a cop and just stand there.

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6. jump out of the helicopter and crash directly into a car.

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Wu Kenny Lee

8. Call Packie for a carbomb and arm a taxi with it, then enter it and detonate it per cellphone during the ride.


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