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General Major League Baseball Discussion


Recommended Posts

I really wish they hadn't changed the All Star Game to make it about homefield advantage in the World Series.

and not because the AL won; the NL won the last 2.


but it's just stupid.

all these silly decisions they make towards the end of the game because now they're supposed to try and win it. why wouldn't Rivera just close the game in the 9th?



stupid rule. can we please go back to the best overall record = homefield??

Yes please!


The All Star game might as well just be a fun exhibition game since half the roster is made up of nobodies voted in by ballot stuffers (2012!)

If theyre going to continue to let the ASG decide home field advantage at least have some veterans committee vote in the players who actually deserve to be on the roster.

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  • 2 weeks later...

yeah I hope they ban AROD for life.

they should switch his lifetime ban for Pete Rose's.


AROD is a fa**ot/douche/queer/asshole (pick the one that is least offensive to you) who lied at every opportunity about his cheating and even tried to silence witnesses.

he never deserved to be the highest paid player in baseball to begin with... even before we knew that he had been cheating since high school.

Edited by El_Diablo
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user posted image

user posted image

Awesome catch by Shmuck!!!


And about the Allstar game, I agree that should have no affect on the World Series, I just want the guys to have fun playing it, because I think it's cool just watching the top baseball players just goof around, while still playing good ball.

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Bud Selig screwed this whole thing up.


they should have banned ARod for life.

this ~200 game suspension is not a punishment; it amounts to a slap on the wrist.


MLB has no idea how to handle this crap.

if you want to put an end to PED's, all you have to do is start handing out lifetime bans and voiding the contracts of any players that are caught. immediately ban them for life and forfeit their remaining contract. now THAT will get player's attention. they'll stop using ALL drugs OVERNIGHT.


but not with this slap on the wrist bullsh*t.

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I Love Anna Kournikova

I agree with part of that. I think is you get caught with PED's you should be banned for life. The game will be cleaned up quick. That being sad. Give everyone a years notice that they will be tested in one year. If they test positive boom they're gone.


however, I dont think with the ruls that are in place that he should be banned that long. That many games for the same thing Braun did? kind of ridiculous.

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Too much politics involved. He's probably gonna be done anyway. At his age you don't come back after that long out. Or I should say, he'll be back, but no way will he be anywhere near the player he was (without the juice).

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Tampa Bay managed to pull off the super-rare Hidden Ball Trick this afternoon in LA.




you won't see that again for years.

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Don't know why the only two posts of mine in here are of David Ortiz lol

but anyway saw this today and got a chuckle.




@ El_Diablo


Love the Old School plays. Don't know why we don't see more of it. Especially

during playoffs you think teams would try to do more stuff like that where outs

are really critical.


Guess it's easier said than done.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Coming down on the wire of the season...


Still a very tight race in NL Central and AL West, what are your guys' picks? I'm going Cards and A's as they both have pretty easy schedules from here on out


Picking Reds and Pirates (with Pirates winning) for NL WC Game / Rangers and Orioles (Rangers winning) for AL WC Game

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yeah I'm a little worried for St Louis.

we're absolutely struggling to beat the Pirates whenever we match up.

they almost swept us twice this year.


that's not a good sign for the post season.

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yeah I'm a little worried for St Louis.


we're absolutely struggling to beat the Pirates whenever we match up.

they almost swept us twice this year.


that's not a good sign for the post season.

True but we're pretty good against them at home and just completed a sweep. At least we don't have anymore games with them (although they still got 6 games against the Reds and 3 against the Rangers.) We dont have any teams to play against that are over .500 (other than the Nats .514)

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  • 4 weeks later...

this is one of those times when I'm glad that I was wrong. it looks like Pittsburgh might not be ready for the bright lights of the postseason stage.

great game 1 for St Louis. made the Buckos look terrible.


should be an excellent series.


oh god! I might have spoken too soon again :lol:

series is tied at one game apiece...

Edited by El_Diablo
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I really don't want to see the Cards win the title, I just hate that team a lot(can't really explain it lol). I'm rooting for the Rays and Tigers. Looks like the Rays might be done though, it's tied in the 8th inning right now.

My favorite team is the Diamondbacks btw, so f*ck the Dodgers too lmao.

Edited by pokemon4ever
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I hate it too. I consider myself a closet Giants fan, and as an Angels fan in this time where the Dodgers are a great team, living in the LA metropolitan area, it sucks to have to live side by side with all the bandwagon Dodgers fans. But that doesn't mean I don't want the A's vs Dodgers in the World Series, with the A's winning.


Back to the living with the Dodgers fans thing. The only defense I have is wearing Mike Trout gear, because no matter how good the Dodgers are, Mike Trout is still the best baseball player on the planet.

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seriously man.

the Cardinals are the best team in baseball. and they pretty much own the modern era. no other team in the majors has been on this kind of run in a single decade. win or lose this next World Series, St Louis has already been to 4 and won 2 of the last 10.



best team in the game. hands down.

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I Love Anna Kournikova

I think both series go Game 7. Then the world Series also goes 7. Its gonna be a fun next couple weeks.


What a Horrible prediction You idiot. Go home your Drunk.

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poor game 1 for the Cardinals.

offense and defense just failed to show up.


but now the baseball community is accusing Sox starter Jon Lester of manipulating the ball with vaseline or some other foreign substance.





I have no idea what that is.

but there's obviously something inside his glove.

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karma :lol:


it was the correct call.

Craig was blocked from making a clear path to home plate - intentionally or not - which means the play was obstructed. he would have clearly made it home safe if his path home was clear. that's the definition of obstruction. just sucks that Boston had no real alternative. otherwise they still got outplayed.


Cardinals won that game as is.

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it's ok. they outplayed us fair and square. we couldn't score any runs.


that said, Boston still sucks.

look at their fans.




no respect. they can't even pretend to act like they've won anything before. they just start flipping cars.

bunch of queers.

Edited by El_Diablo
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