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Midnight Club Vehicle Customization


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In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, RockStar put huge detail into making cars customizable to their full extent. Players could do anything from change the colors of the car, to make their own license plate. I would like to see this be introduced to GTA V. I'm hoping that all of the cars in the game including rare ones will be customizable. I run a clan, so it would be great to see these features in Multiplayer too. If we could combine SR2/3 and MCLA together in V, all vehicles would be able to be customized. This means that we could do the following: Change color, style, license plate, interior color, tires, tire size, rims, shocks, durability, special features, lighting, interior features such as radio, steering wheel, and controls, seats, and my favorite, decals and lettering. It would not only be great to put on a logo on your vehicle from any GTA company, but to have the ability to add custom letters on the sides, top, back, hood, trunk, or front with custom fonts, colors, and even colors would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

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