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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

I just have to sh*t my pants....

Ed Elric

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Yeah I agree. I believed almost all of it until I read the fact that your character was customize-able. Just no. R* aren't going to go down that road yet I don't think.

What do you mean yet...? Are you too young to remember San Andreas mate..?

I mean fully customize-able. As in Saints row 3, sorry I thought that's what he meant. Not just muscles, fatness and thing like tattoos and stuff.

Oh right I get ya, face structure etc yeah can't see GTA going down that road either.

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dude IMO this is a great post fake or not u have took the time and effort to keep ME happy for the 20 mins it took to read lol and for people moaning about spelling its a f*ckin forum! i dont wanna go back to school for a reason so i dont get moaned at for vocabulary! he has reason for spelling considering theres like over 5000 words some of them will be spelled wrong. if this is true tho this game is gunna BLOW! cant see 45-50 guns tho?

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good read but i thought you said you had seen no functioning gameplay? some of the stuff you wrote would mean you would have had to see functioning gameplay....


also, you need t prove that you worked at R*.

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Man, if your just faking for the laugh, fair enough but it's the best and most believable I've heard yet. These features and names seem so Rockstar. If you're bullsh*tting, I will be quite sad as what you described sounds like a perfect GTA.


Well done. If it's fake, its fake but you did a great job in describing a perfect GTA V. icon14.gif


Also based on the content we see the OP posted - it sounds like a GTA I could play for a very, very long time.


OP, would you know if it's for Xbox and how many discs if multiple?

Edited by ThePinkFloydSound
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I'm pretty sure people emptying the trashcans in areas where V is being developed are probably required to sign an NDA. Nice try though. I can see you put a thought and effort into this, so kudos to you and your imagination. You should send it to the gaming sites and blogs, they'll eat it right up.

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probably just an attention seeker - why has he not registered here before if he is such a long term fan . Yes dirtycop the NDA would mean he aint for real.

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probably just an attention seeker - why has he not registered here before if he is such a long term fan . Yes dirtycop the NDA would mean he aint for real.

Not only that, but if he really IS an intern thats been with R* for over 12 months, why choose NOW to reveal this?


It would have been a lot more credible if he released this so called "leak" 2 days before the first trailer (he had a WEEK to do it between the announcement and actual trailer!)

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i doubt rockstar would simple "copy and paste" weapons,is they biggest release yet,they are makeng new weapons and this isnt Saints Row ,R* never let face customisation in any rockstar game,and if dont show a proof means your a dumb f*ck.

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Brendan, if your story is real you're going to be in rather big trouble. You would have signed a bunch of stuff that stops you talking about any of this. You'd be shooting yourself in the foot if this story was true.

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As I said earlier. This GTA the guy describes would be a dream come true. It's almost too good to be true. Describes a perfect GTA for me.


However, I think Rockstar would be more clever and pay an intern even if it was so he had to sign a NDA.

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For instance, driving in a car with the passenger smoking weed with the windows up results in you getting high. Another case, is maybe tossing molotovs in a field of marijuana and standing in the smoke, once again getting Adrian buzzed. "

Hmmm I wonder where you got these 2 from *cough* driving with little jacob in iv *cough* san andreas the truth mission *cough*

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user posted image



for some reason i think that most of this post is actually true.. I'm going to laugh at the people who dont believe anything of this and it eventually turns out to be true.

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I agree with Alfabutt, ThePinkFloydSound and a few others. If it's fake, then so be it, but it was an interesting read and at least you've out some effort into it.


I want to believe it, I really do, but I'm a cynical bastard with this kind of stuff. The map size is what jumped out at me. Three Liberty City maps and two RDR?! That's just insane! Like I said, I'd love to believe it but it's difficult when there's a few things that don't really fit. I hope you're right, though. For everyone's sake.

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I commented on the OP's spelling and grammar, because he isn't just a 'regular guy', he is a guy who apparently worked for Rockstar, one of most prestigious gaming companies in existence. IF you were an intern, what were you an intern for? Any writers would require a pretty good grasp of spelling and grammar, and wouldn't make basic mistakes as you have. Wow, 5000 words, with no spelling mistakes is meant to be a difficult task? Try going to university.



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I don't believe unitl you answered my questions:



- Is it the same Chola Springs like in Red Dead Redemption? If not why it's called the same? - Yes and no; Its really just an easter egg reference for cannon purposes only


-What happens when you fly above the "mexican border"? - Most likley "Blue Hell"; Thats what Rockstar has game testers for, so you CAN'T fly over the Mexican Border. The map is land locked by the way; around 3 sides (North,South, East) The mountains in the trailer have a desert behind them, Bone Valley, and then come the border mountains


-If the "Grove Street" Families reutrn, why is there no Grove Street? Is it renamed? - I must no have explained that properly. Yes; The street Grove St. itself has returned, but has been remodeled to resemble its real life counter part and is no longer a cul-de-sac as in San Andreas. As for the gang , I'm not sure if they return, but there are pedestrian models dressed as GS Family members.


-Why did everybody knew that the old man is named Albert and the young man Adrian shrtafter the trailer was released? - Leaked information assume


- Will "Vice City HD" be on PS3/Xbox360 or on next-gen consoles? - Next Gen





Ed - if your for real , you will be able to post a picture of any R* communcations between yourself and them or perhaps a contract? - Yes my ID card that allows access to Rockstar suites. Rockstar has my contract. My copy is lost in the wind to be honest.




d - a ) have you any paperwork to back this up (contract) - ^^^ Explained above; and even so it seems you guys are bent on me lying, that my 'evidence' will most likely be deemed dolled-up


b) whats the framerate like ? I don't understand; Console -wise? or on the development machines?






Q. Can we buy drugs and use drugs on street corners and will the cops arrest me if I use drugs on street corners? No; you can not use drugs at all except for the adrenaline pill. Yes; you can buy drugs, but not necessarily in the street. More like back-alleys and things of that nature

Q. Is there any kind of fingerless hand apparel? The clothing and vehicular modification haven't been complete; that and i haven't seen the full selection so i'd be lying if i answered.

Q. Can I drive off cliffs (for example, in a car)? Everything the light touches Simba, can be driven off of.




good read but i thought you said you had seen no functioning gameplay? some of the stuff you wrote would mean you would have had to see functioning gameplay..... - when i say funtioning gameplay, I mean like full HUD on, all pedestrian present and walking their paths, full on traffic, scripted missions, fully scripted AI, and .

Basically everything i saw was controlled evironment and/or debug. I have seen alot of the animations like reloading, car stealing, sliding, and cover movements. But no full on "let's run around a blow sh*t up!"



As for the rest of you who don't believe me cool.... im not boo-hooing nor hurt... Im a fan like you and a regular dude. As for: I'm pretty sure people emptying the trashcans in areas where V is being developed are probably required to sign an NDA." Come on. Rockstar isn't the Illuminati.







NIGEL xD:NJIT? I feel ashamed to live so close to you.





You can keep smelly Jerz....f*ck you and Newark.....Miami is better anyway (and so was Vice City)

Edited by Ed Elric
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This is what you do to us Rockstar. You make us all wait for quite a long while and people come up with these Crazy theories. Some of them are believable but others aren't at all. The thing is, people on here say that this is a credible story, but anything could be credible at this point in a game we still know so little about. the Sammy Bottino theory sounds just as good yet it is completely different from the characters described in this post.


Damn, I just hope it's a good game, that is all.

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I'm with the people who loved this whether it's fake or not.


Of course, we cant help being skeptical of stuff like this, but even if it's fake, this guy has a hell of an imagination/conceptual talent for games. I was thoroughly entertained reading this, and thinking this is exactly the kind of new stuff I want to see in the game.

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You may never know guys.. this could be another epic thread from what we seen from the GTA IV forums in 2008.


Return of Deepthroat


Or it could be fake. Either way nice job.


Especially on the Grand theft auto Vice City 2


My name says it all.

Edited by GTAVIViceCity
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The stuff about the mountains is wrong, the mountains in the trailer are the Great Western Divide, they don't resemble any range in Southern California. So that small fact alone makes everything here fake.

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Hmm... I guess we'll have to wait and see!


And if it is true about the blimp then i'm disappointed... sad.gif Maybe it isn't done? THERE IS STILL HOPE!.... Right?

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As much as you all doubt it.. Is there anything in that post which is unbelievable? To me it's all pretty standard Improvements and new content that I would expect from a new grand theft auto. I've played every gta in the series and in high school I was looking forward to Vice City, then after school San Andreas, then GTA IV. One thing that they all had in common, was HUGE improvements over the previous game. So I don't expect anything different with GTA V.

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From what I know, I can tell you this guy is not bullsh*tting.


Most of the stuff he wrote, I've written about.


The map is larger than what he has seen however, there is more than 3 counties.

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How mature are he MODS they need to grow up! I belive this and I have a question. Will we be able to hve pets?

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