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Help me plese with the volume of muscis on GTA!

Manoel Victor

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Hello everyone, this is my first topic here in the forum!

Well, my case is the following, I need a help to modify my GTA for PlayStation ® 2.

Come down to, well, I put some songs up there all right, I did a re-pack and added ISO image for my game worked fine, the songs play normally. Only one problem! The volume of songs. I want to stabilize the volume of my new songs with the volume of songs from the original game, not to be neither too high nor too low. I want it stabilized. So I need something that can help me do this. Does anyone know the volume, the decibels of the original music gta? Or any other kind of help, and sorry, I do not know how to express it right over there.

I hope you understand where I'm getting at.

Thanks in advance, and wait for help. biggrin.gif

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Newer music is compressed [not in quality, but studio compression] much harder, which makes it louder. The only thing you can do is;

1) Get some music editing software [i.e. Adobe Audition, Garage Band, ect]

2) Load your new music into the music editing software

3) Lower the volume [or db level]. You're going to have to guess how much you want it lower. Every 10 db is twice as loud or quiet.

4) Mixdown each song to a new empty track, if you don't mixdown the track - the changes you made won't affect the track outside of your software. MIXDOWN

5) Burn the songs [the mixdown songs, not the originals] to a cd and re-upload it to your PS2.


*And yes it IS legal to edit the songs you legally own to suit the needs of your playback devices.

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