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Replacing the radio stations


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I've googled it in every possible way, I can't find how.


I'd like, more precisely, to replace the songs from the radio stations in GTA 4, but I can't find a tool allowing me to do so. And I don't wish to use Independence FM.


I know it's possible, I've seen it in Gostown Paradise, and I believe GTA IV: San Andreas has done it too...?


Thanks for your time.

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I'm pretty sure the IV:SA team didn't replace radio stations, they just deleted them and wrote a script to emulate them.

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Interesting, but the Gostown team definitely did it, I looked at the files (even if they only replaced the intro songs).


Even a redirect to a tutorial on how to emulate radio stations would make me glad at this point.

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little seoul

one would say we have independence fm

but i would like a mod like this too

to add my own songs to the radio stations.

i think gta iv's only failing is its dated soundtrack from a boring era in music.

it's all way too current for that time unlike the classic gam게임s.


I'm banned because I'm an asshole.



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One thing they need too Do is get rid of the freaking annoying commercial's mad.gif Bad enough we have too deal with real life commercials And now we have too Deal with Fake commercials are like fake tits lol tounge.gifdevil.gif

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Why not just export the music, match track length, file Khz, etc. and reimport? Most tracks are stereo? But if you compound tracks in say, Sony Vegas, and re-import back into using SparkIV, shouldn't it work? We import all kinds of other sounds for weapons etc. so why not the music.


Maybe I'll try just that with a secondary copy of my GTA IV directory soon... cool.gif



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Well, please Packet, if you can get it to work, don't hesitate to post exactly how you did it here. Because I don't think SparkIV or OpenIV allows it.

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