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Headers signatures and avatars

Ex ZuluWarrior

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Ex ZuluWarrior






Signatures and avatars






Any cool gang pics you can find with Vendettas on it prefer blue *





Two gta 4 translucent m4 emblems crossed like an x with a blue V in the middle






Translucent all gta 4 emblems m4 carbine,ak47,mp5,semishot gun





******************All writing prefered in Blue Graffiti Font*******

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Ex ZuluWarrior

Another signature a regualr m4 gta 4 style weapon icon is what I mean by emblem, and Vendetta's on top of the rifle and a skull with blue V engraved on the if


I understand its a hard task but can you guys try I'm going to make a new topic and once agaain I'm willing to wait a 1 or 2 weeks I understand its a little hard*********all writing in blue graffiti font******- I also want the stuff written above

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