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PS2 UFO, and strange things in SA?


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How do I get my PS2 version of GTA-SA to show things like weird creatures, and UFO's and stuff like that?


IS it possible on a PS2? Or would I have to get the PC version and download something to get those things to happen?


Thanks, this has been driving me crazy.



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Just for Reference:




BIGFOOT selected from 3 pages of topics

Bigfoot and chainsaw killer Read only.

Ive found … Bigfoot Read only.

the Final Bigfoot Topic/Big Secret? Read only.

Bigfoot is a myth but… Read only.

Bigfoot? … Read only.


SA Mythbusters

Myths part 3

Myths, part 2.

Myths locked.

Myths of SA? locked.

GTA Myths Locked.

Myths Explaind (hopefully) Locked.



woahhh, in the ocean Closed.

dolphin? Closed.

There are No… sharks Locked.

Sharks!? Locked.

There are more…

Shark Video:




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