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Possible Multiplayer game modes?


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what type of multiplayer game modes do you want to see in GTA V? share your ideas! here's some of mine:


1. Cops

A mixture of free roam and cops n crooks, where there'll be two teams; cops and civilians, where there is no time limit, but whenever the civilians get caught commiting a crime, they'll either be arrested or fined (deduct some of their money that they've earned ig). NPC's and other players could also call cops if they witness a player commiting a crime.


2. Infected

Most of you know what infected is, but I'll explain it anyway for those who don't know. It's where 1 person is a zombie, and the rest of the players are "survivors". The zombies job is to infect the other players. Once infected, that player will join the other player as a zombie. If the time runs out, the survivors win. If all the survivors become infected, zombies win.


3. Hide and seek

In this game, the game host will choose from a wide selection of maps (buildings, warehouses, certain streets, parks, etc). The person who is "it" has to find and kill the other players (which won't have weapons. Last person alive once the time runs out wins.


4. Papparazi

Since GTA V will have Vinewood (Hollywood), I thought this game could work. One player will be a celebrity, two people wll be his/her bodyguards. Everyone else has to try to take a picture of the celebrity's face, while the bodyguard's job is to escort the celebrity to his/her destination safely. If the paparazzi take a picture of her face, he/she wins.


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I dont care about multiplayer.. i prefer singleplayer, to be honest the only multiplayer mode that i liked in GTA IV was "free mode" so as long as GTA V have that i'm cool

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I don't think 'Paparazzi' is what people want. There are no guns involved, and how are people going to take pictures? Surely you can't take pictures while driving a car.

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deathmatch arena version based on TF2's arena mode if a player dies he/she respawn next round last player will win others not

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Bigfoot Hunting


One person plays as "Bigfoot", while all the other players have to hunt him down. There are no blips on the map, so the person playing as Bigfoot has to find places to hide while others have to keep an eye out for Bigfoot. Area is a small perimeter around the mountains/countryside. First player to kill Bigfoot wins, or if Bigfoot stays alive for the time limit.

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