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Logo, headers and pictures


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Hi guys.


This time, this is a personal DYOM project which I am making for friends to play. I am making a mission pack with a huge storyline, so I am going to set an own intro logos and pictures and things for it.


First of all, the logo. The title is "Grand Theft Auto: Kaust City". Have the Grand Theft Auto logo and Kaust City below it. I would like much of variety, with different colors and fonts. Then the headers, for the possibility if I am publishing the mission pack in the forums. They are as follows:




-Trivia and media



Then. I tried to do this myself but I failed. I need cool pictures from IV. Narcis told me how to do this, but I am so noob that I can't. In the pictures, I want Packie's character model to stand somewhere near the sea with an M4 on his hands, shooting a pistol no matter where, riding a motorbike, sitting in a sportscar, standing in front of a door with a shotgun and epicly standing on Rotterdam Tower with and without a sniper rifle. The pictures should have some kind of a border around it.


Thanks in advance. I need it fast as possible, but no need to rush. Thank you smile.gif

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Thanks for the try, but I would like more variety with it.


And also, I would like as much of people to give a try, so there would be many styles. Thanks smile.gif

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Narcis, you really are the best. Thanks. Do the screens when you can. smile.gif

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