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the post icon in my topic suddenly changed from "IV" to standard icon. Can someone change it to "IV" again?

Due to the fact that the topic has IV modding content I would like to have a clear tagging. I'm pretty sure I choose this post icon when starting the topic but it disappeared.


If it's possible please change the post icon back to "IV". Thanks!


Related topic: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=505575


I have a second question also related to the above topic: Is it okay to modify models from TBoGT and share them in the Mod Showroom?



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If you want to have your "IV" icon back, you simply need to click "Edit", find the icons in the bottom and click on whichever you want to have as your post icon (in this case, IV)
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When you edit a post or topic the icon resets itself. It's a pain with topics that need frequent modification, but it happens. Just edit the OP and choose the icon you want.


Also, as long you put some original work into them, modifying those models should be fine. smile.gif


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That's f*cked up. Why didn't I noticed that I can change the icon whenever I want? Thanks guys. I thought I can choose it only once when the post is made first time.


To my convert issue:

I don't consider TBoGT as separate game although it's sold separately but it's using GTA IV engine and the same structure, so technically it is no convert cause there is nothing to convert.

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