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Street Racing Crews


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This if for PS3*



I was think about this idea for a while now (we could then have this idea shift into GTA V once it comes out)

We could start Street Racing crews, and race for money. the races won't be like the ones in GTA IV multiplayer, but they'll be more like actual street races which are done either on the high way or on long straight roads. Illegal street drifting could be done in the Docks and similar places. When people win, the winner(s) and loser(s) will go into a deathmatch game and the winner will kill the loser a certain amount of times until they get the amount of money they won. If they kill them more than they should, that would be considered stealing and the other player could put a bounty on that persons head. which he would then get the money back from that player and give the same amount to the person who kills the target. People can also race for pinkslips, which means the loser gives the winner there car.

Police officers will also have special street racing units who can go undercover and arrest the racers or just ambush them in the middle of their hangouts and arrest them there.

Player won't be able to use any car they want. they need to move up the ranks, using lower end cars first, such as the blista compact or the futo. Each crew leader will be in charge of making sure the players don't break those rules.


here's the list of cars available for each rank (some of these cars are unavailable in muliplayer but I added them anyway):


1. Ricer - Only cars with 166 m/ph or lower


Anyone who join a crew starts as a ricer, the player is assigned a car by the crew leader and must only use that car. if he loses it he has to find the same one. to change cars you must cash it in (we'll give each car a price later on) and use that money or win cars from pinkslip races. If he loses the car in a race the crew leader will give him another.


*Blista Compact



*Cavalcade FXT



























*Sabre GT












2.) Racer - Cars between 167 - 199 m/ph only


After winning 10 races, the player will rank up to racer. the crew leader will give him another car as a reward. However, If the crew leader notices that the player loses to many races he may go back to being a ricer.








*Huntley Sport







3. Veteran - Any car 200 mph+


When the crew leader thinks you're ready, the player will have to race the crew leader. if he wins that player will become the crew's co-leader. If he loses to another crew member in a race, the winner replaces his position. Crew leaders cannot be replaced. the co-crew leader's job is to aid the leader in whatever he needs to do, such as finding cars for new members, keeping track of each member's status, rank, cash, etc.








*Super GT



that's all I have for now




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The higher rank you are, the slower cars you should drive.

Death to Comet & Infernus!

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