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Extract Specific Characters from Text File


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I will try and explain this as best I can so please bare with me.


I have several hundred text files and am looking to extract a specific piece of information from each file. The information is contained in the exact same position (line and column) in each text file, but the contents of the information differs.


The files are named sequentially, starting at 001.txt up to something like 356.txt and the information in each file that I would like is contained at line 637, column 75 and ends at line 637, column 205.


What I am after is some sort of batch file where I can drag and drop each text file, preferably multiple at a time, onto the batch file and it extracts the specific piece of infomration I require and saves each extract into its own text file named, for example, 001_output.txt.


Is this possible?

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That does look to be what I am after, but I am a complete novice at anything to do with programming and so have no idea what parts I need to change in order for it to fit my purposes. I'm hoping someone here that understands coding can edit that script to fit my needs.

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