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GTA Crapdon (W.I.P)


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Heath, the starting neighbourhood (it's set in England) in Crapdon.


You're somebody sort of young in this game, where you live has a garage pay-and-spray at the end of your road and there's a train station near by and when you unlock other neighbourhoods by playing missions, you can use this station to quickly go to the neighbourhood quickly by pressing a button or scenically as the train goes (you could watch it go.)

there's also some clothes shops in Heath too, and fast food and hair salons and barber shops and even betting shops.


South Crapdon (Level 2)

This leads all the way out to Pearly and the Pearly Gates retirement home.

This unlocks everything from West Crapdon to Pearly, so, the big company buldings and goverment buldings such as immigration.

Corruption in Crapdon as you smuggle in immigrants and people traffic for the Home Secrtary using you to work with foreign criminal gangs to do their dirty work; and Mayor Kent Livingstoned has gun deals with Bolivia, becuase I'm basing it on this lol.gif and you have a war with him. The billionairs and the 'rich and famous' live in Pearly.


Northwood (Level 3)

You have to build your enterprise because a wiser member of your family makes you.

You start to do mission and acquire assests in South Northwood, Upper Northwood, West Northwood, Pikey Hill and Crapdon Palace (Neighbourhood and local sports team, with big stadium in South Northwood and Spellcurst, an area which is north of Crapdon and connects South Northwood to Heath.


Riots (Level 4)

Riots break out across the city and the news spreads quick with in your operation, you use this to organise your own riot in Crapdon.

Pedestrians running in fear as chaos reigns in and helicopters everywhere.

People getting attacked, getting dragged out of their cars and beat up, some graphic content; you have to torch a building or two with the help of some people who plan to profit if other shop owners get scared and sell up.

This frees up being able to buy businesses everywhere in the game.


You're in the Capital City in England, but the game play's based more around Crapdon, however, the police is The Fed (Fedropoltian Police), the Ambulance is the Captial City Ambulance Service and the Fire Service is the Capital City Fire Brigade; You're in England so license plates will be number plates and cars drive on the left, steering wheel on the right and big red double decker buses get their own bus lane and the taxis are black, but you can paint them.



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You can have another crack at reposting this once you have made significant progress, be prepared next time and put some effort into it.



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