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Team Mafiya Work 2.0


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I know there are alot of GTA V players out there that play various GTA Multiplayer modes. The popular modes being Death Match, Team Death Match, Free Mode and the three co-op modes Hangman Noose, BTB II and Deal Breaker, but I was and still is a biggrin.gifTEAM MAFIYA WORK biggrin.gif player!


Now this mode was the most diverse multiplayer mode IMO as it included taks to do complete as:


- stealing a vehicle

- killing certain AI members

- transporting a person to a location

- transporting a vehicle to a location

- transporting a package to a location etc.


I often wondered why this mode was'nt as popular as the others stated above as it was a mode that BESTrepresented the GTA series... confused.gif




Most of the tasks that Petrovic would call you and your team members to do would reward you with cash ranging from:


$100 - for killing triads [Task Complete]

$500 - picking up Jamaicans or Game Designers [Task Complete]

$2500 - for destroying a Meth Lab [Task Complete]


too say the least


These were all fun as you and you team mates would scramble to get to the task highlighted attempting to beat the opposition there to sweep up the cash.


So as we enter GTA V on the date unknown to us all, im sure they will heve a mode similar to TEAM MAFIYA WORK and I hope they have interesting, varied tasks such as the following I have thought of:


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) - "A statue is situated at the road next to the entrance of Mt. Chiliad much to my dissapprovement, get some explosives (C4) and destroy this worthless peice of art. Bullets wont be good enough"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) - "Theres a van transporting BMX's, stop the vehicle by any means, steal them and ride the bikes to my safe house"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) "You need to spray paint my competitions sex shop, grab some pints cans and spray some profanity all over their shops"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) "Steal some jet ski's and ride them up the back of my ship that is currently out at sea now but only for the next 5 mins"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) "Grab a Heli and take out the biggrin.gif hot air balloons biggrin.gif that are advertising against my business...have fun"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) "I need you to test out my theme park i've just built, the first to ride all of the rides and give me feedback on them will be rewarded"


*ring, ring* (Unknow Caller) "steal some go-karts for me and drive them to the top level of a car park so they can be transported by my private heli, I spoil my kids to much"


Along with all of these tasks of course there will be the killing of random AI's, clearing out safe houses and transporting packages!


So to break the monotony of...Go To Destination >>> KILL >>> Escape, these tasks may be a bit more interesting an I would love it if GTA V were to implented these tasks in TEAM MAFIYA WORK 2.0 or any other tasks they have cooked up or thinking about at the mo.




What do you guys think?

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great post op


but i want to ask you something, do you have a life? ph34r.gif because your post are always complicated to read

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great post op


but i want to ask you something, do you have a life? ph34r.gif because your post are always complicated to read

Yes, I usually type my posts in English, that might be where your having your difficulties icon14.gif

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