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Looking for Normal Free Moders on PSN


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Hey cnrdrn.


Here are a few places on the forum, you'll either find fun events, or like-minded gamers.


The Department - This is an emergency services roleplay event organised on the forum, it's active once a week, it's not too serious and you can chose between being a cop, firefighter or medic, or even criminal.


Gangs - This is the section of the forum were players get together and forms gangs, every gang is slightly different, and plays GTA IV amongst other games, most gangs are open for recruitment, so I suggest finding a gang based on PSN, and consider joining for like minded gamers.


Lastly, at the top of this section is the = GTAF USER ID'S LIST = - Here you can add your own PSN or find some other players, that also enjoy free mode.


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Have you ever looked around all the options and menus? There is a setting/preference to turn off friendly fire, and honestly, I don't meet those kind of people in Free Mode apart from noob Airport Killfests.

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