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The Black Faction


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We are a faction that origonated on GTA IV, and has been around since early 2009. At first we were a small 6 man group that included:

, which most of these are still active members. Here are a few thing that you should know: We are not a clan, we are a faction. We are not outlaws, we kill only those who deserve it, we enforce the laws. Our faction is devoted to helping smaller clans and to rid of over-powering clans. No matter what the odds are, we will still fight and we will never back down! With leading us into battle, we are sure to come out victorious.


We will fight, or we will fall, until the angels save us all.


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Thanks for the heads-up, but -


We stress only on one thing for gangs that use this forum - you must operate from GTAForums. You may not simply leave an advertisement or a recruitment topic, directing people to your gang's forums, website, or any external means of communication. Harsh? Maybe. We want gangs to grow on these boards, and mingle with other gangs and the community. We do not want to encourage isolated gangs that operate externally.


Forum Guidelines


We are not here to serve as an advertisement board. We do not allow external gangs to operate here; that includes gangs with non-forum members and gangs that are not willing to put effort into their post by including even the bare necessities. Also, this is an English speaking board. Posting in any other language is against board policy.

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