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How many missions?



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  1. 1. How many missions?

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Harwood Butch3r
I don't think it's a question of how many missions but how good they are. GTA IV had some good missions but most of them were too similar. Shoot this guy. Fight your way out of a building and escape.


To me I think San Andreas and even Vice City had very varied missions and not just shootings. My favourite is still SA. Think about it, missions where you have to drive a monster truck under a certain time. Burning a weed crop before the cops arrive. Having to operate a remote airplane and kill couriers. Quality over quantity I say.

I agree, but the missions should fit the tone of the game aswell. The reason SA and even VC were like that is the tones of the games were very different.


GTA IV had a much darker tone as Niko was pretty much a hired gun. I'm sure everyone has an opinion on GTA IV's mission structure, but one thing we should all agree on is it remained consistent.


If anything GTA IV is probably the best at refining the simple "shoot, kill and escape" formula. It had the most creative ways of killing a single target (targets) I've ever seen.


The way you do it isn't always the same.



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Cole Phelps Gta

Miamivicecity I agree 110% The only thing it needed was a silencer for your pistol. If i could ask for one more thing to add to iv a silencer would be it



You're too cowardly to even take the heat for it from the people you troll, instead running to the moderators wasting our time with sh*t you started. GTFO.


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