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Cole Phelps Gta

I tryed searching,went back 5 pages and theirs been no mention of stats. What would you like to see in v ? I'd like a stat that tells you what date ( in real life) you started playing you're game. It tells you how many hours in total you've played which is awesome but the date you started would be a good addition. I also hope the ''longest non stop game'' stat from tbogt returns. I just enjoy knowing how long i've been playing when i started and my longest non stop game smile.gif


*Most accurate gun. could be a cool stat aswell letting you know what gun you're most accurate with

* Favorite gun. The gun you use the most.

*least favorite gun

*least accurate gun

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You're too cowardly to even take the heat for it from the people you troll, instead running to the moderators wasting our time with sh*t you started. GTFO.


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A good statistic would be something similar to GTA San Andreas' score ranks.

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Definitely should tell you how many cars you blew up, cops killed, civilians killed, gang members killed, cars stolen, gun accuracy, distance covered on foot and vehicle and the total $ cost of your rampage to the state. Pretty much any stat that can be found in all the other GTA single player records.

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