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Episodes From Liberty City Xbox help


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A friend of mine has bought the Episodes from Liberty City disc for Xbox 360 and she is having trouble accessing the Episodes. When she selects a new game, no option to select TLaD or Gay Tony appears. And she can't go into multiplayer either.


I've got her to check and double check the disc she has in. She says it definitely says Episodes from Liberty City and is not the original GTAIV disc. But when I ask her what it says on the dashboard (on the Guide button), it comes up as GTAIV, and not as Episodes. I thought it may have been because she has already played GTAIV and told her to delete all her saved data, but this hasn't worked.


Does anybody know if the Episodes disc has a different game picture or title in the dashboard, as other than the print on the disc, it seems to be behaving the same as a standard disc. Or any other suggestions about what she can do? I could play the Episodes on my console, but I think that may be because I already have them downloaded.



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The picture that shows up on the dashboard was always GTA IV for me and allachievements and save data go along with IV. And when you start up the game it should take you to a screen where you pick between TBOGT and TLAD. If it goes right into regular GTA IV it might be a copy of GTA IV with Episodes from Liberty city printed on the disc.

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