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Big gfx request


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I need a picture of Mikhail Faustin sitting in his booth at the cabaret club. Underneath it I need it to say Volkov Crime Family in gold italicized letters.


Next, I need several headers. I need them to me gold and italic also.




The Bratva







Then I need a turf map with Hove Beach, Firefly Island, Beachgate, and the Platypus boat shaded in gold.


Lastly, I need some signatures and avatars.

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You must describe the signatures and avatars you want.Example : I want the sig. to look like that and that,that and that should be there and there.Do you understand?

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josh stamper

hey i am one of his members he means he wants a picture of mikhail faustin sitting in his booth at the cabaret club in gold italicized

letters saying The Volkov Family at the bottom thats as simple and as much as we can explain it if you need more or don't know how narcis knows don't drive yourself crazy over this it is hard i will be honest...


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The signatures I want them to be in that same gold font, but I want Russian style pictures for the backgrounds.

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