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[SNP] Life's A Beach


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Hey guys,


I need a big favor. My laptop's specs kinda suck. It's lucky that I only have problems with this mission.


I really appreciate it. Big thanks in advance.




p/s: Head to OG Loc. Can grab the motorcycle in my garage.

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I'm sorry bkveida, but I have to forfeit this request, because for some reason, your save doesn't want to load in my SA sad.gif.


But staying with this subject, did you modified your GTA San Andreas? Because, if I understand correctly, you want us to complete "Life's A Beach", and, according to a data in Save N Play, the last mission that you have completed is "Verdant Meadows", which is much further in a story line, than "Life's A Beach".

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That upload is time stamped for the 10th of March 2012 upload by diffuse.

Also when posting a link you need to leave a space infront of the http for it to be clickable.


If you need someone else's Upload try:


That's a V1 Beach mission upload.

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Alright guys, thanks. I did not modify my GTA (at least not that I know). Let me see what's the problem here and I will get back you. Thanks again.


Edited: I am silly to have pasted other's link. Here's the MY link http://gtasnp.com/download/29705

Sorry for the confusion.

Edited by bkveida
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For: bkveida

Missions: Life's a Beach

Link: http://gtasnp.com/29706

Notes: Respect increased.

Picked up a Body Armour from under the bridge behind Sweet's House.




Carry On! icon14.gif

Tip: Explore.

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