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Impossible gang territory


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Ok, I was playing SA a few weeks ago, and I have noticed there is a gang territory in the north of San Fierro, It's a pale yellow, Like the Mexican gang (I forgot what they're called D: )

And I noticed however many people I kill it doesn't start a gang war. Anyone else have this problem? smile.gif

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The link is dead, at least as far as my PC is concerned.

The Location described doesn't have a Gang Territory in the Regular Game (Unmodded/no cheats).


Which version did you purchase (V1, V2, V3.)?

How did you modify the game?

What cheats have you used and saved?

How far into the game have you gone (the last mission)?


Edited by lil weasel
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The Location described doesn't have a Gang Territory in the Regular Game (Unmodded/no cheats).


It sounds like he is talking about the Bayside area?-If so, then there is a territory there, but it is only for PS2, from what I read in the past on here? confused.gif


So, either he is on PS2 OR has exploited the territory glitch by flying too far off the map?...But, the abililty to take territories depends on the last storyline mission, as you CANNOT take territories between the Green Sabre mission and Home Coming mission(Home Coming mission brings back that option)....

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I have PS2, I have not modded at all, I use cheats often. Yes, it's a yellow square in the north nay side area in San Fierro.

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Don't double post. If your previous posting is unanswered just use the EDIT button to add/delete/change the text in your last posting.


Ah... it makes a difference PS2 game. Yes there is a Gang Turf (second set of wars only) in the Bayside Marina next to the HeliPort/Boating School.

Never had a problem with that area when I played it on the PS2. It was usually quick just one wave.

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Do any of the San Fierro gangs spawn in the same territory? If yes, then you won't be able to take it over.

The reason for that is this: You have gotten that extra territory by flying away from the map, probably during the mission 'Saints Marks Bistro' and any territory you get that way will be very weak. you can only start a gang war with the rival gang that have the highest influence in the territory in question and you can't start wars against the San Fierro gangs.

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The territory was hard for me to takt at first. Also you must complete "HOMECOMING" in order to get the gang territory. When you begin the game you don't get it.

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