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ZiT Comes to GTAForums



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Have you ever heard a song in a movie and/or somewhere else and you're wondering where it's from? Well, that's why we're using this washed up celebrity to promote our new service. We're coming to GTAF. Do you remember some of the lyrics? Or a part of the melody (WUBWUBWUB or that sh*t doesn't count, spermface)? Or something else that can help us as a hint? Well, we here at ZiT (everyone visiting this topic) are listening and waiting for your call (post in this topic).

This should be easy, just like f*cking an old woman in Vice City... not that I'd like to...


Basically, this is like the Have a Question topic, but for songs.

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I have one up on YouTube from the 80s, No one has figured this out, so What?!? Why can't the YouTube audience figure out the musical trivia puzzle? Don't ask me, I still am hoping someone, somewhere knows.


Sorry your topic is pretty much dead, the idea comes up a lot, that of asking for input on a bit of music, but winds up elsewhere

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