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Won a laptop on eBay

XePoZuRe v16

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Hi there,


I just won a laptop for €31.00 + €10.00 for postage.

It's a 12 year old computer, but it has a good enough processor to handle Windows 7 (Intel Pentium 3). It's got 256MB RAM, and it came with XP.


I think it's a Toshiba Tecra 8200. And it's also got wireless and 20GB HDD.

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leik oh em jeez!

Congrats. I got an HP tx2500 with an AMD Turion x2, 3Gb RAM, and a 250Gb HDD for free. I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu on it.


Sadly, the glass on the screen is cracked, and I did have to spend $2.56 on a charger for it.

Edited by leik oh em jeez!
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It's a 12 year old computer, but it has a good enough processor to handle Windows 7 (Intel Pentium 3).

You can make Windows 7 run on a Pentium III but it's not going to be usable.

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leik oh em jeez!
It's a 12 year old computer, but it has a good enough processor to handle Windows 7 (Intel Pentium 3).

You can make Windows 7 run on a Pentium III but it's not going to be usable.

That's debatable. Either way, XP would run a lot faster, and would be the better choice for such an old system.

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Wait. You bid on a product on eBay and you "think" it's a Toshiba Tecra 8200. Meaning you're not sure?!?


As for getting Win7 on it; according to MS's website for Win7 system requirements: 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM. Add to that a 16GB HDD for the 32bit OS and seeing has how that laptop only has a 20GB HDD that won't leave much room for anything else.

Now I did do a search and found this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...b-9f54bca70c5c/

Cliff notes: They were able to get 7 to run on a P3 667Mhz, but keep in mind that's just getting it to run at all. However the RAM they said 512MB just to get the installer to run, the max RAM supported for the laptop is 512MB (source).

They also said an onboard graphics with at least 8MB, no problem there since the laptop has 16MB graphics.


I would stick with XP or throw Linux/Unix on it and learn about that.

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leik oh em jeez!

Pretty much what Wolf said. Minimum graphics memory or chip doesn't really matter. The system will still run fine, as my system ran Vista just fine on 2Mb VRAM. The system memory however, you do need to pay attention to. If you don't have the minimum amount of RAM, the installer will not run, and you can't install the operating system.

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Install any Linux distro and you should be golden. Ubuntu works well on P3 systems... you just won't get all the bell and whistles but at least it will run decent enough to do most computing tasks. On the the other hand you can leave XP and slim it, add a bigger hard drive (if possible), and a little bit of ram won't hurt. You can also give DSL a try.

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Congrats you won the bid, but why did you waste your money? That computer isn't going to have much practical use.

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You can also give DSL a try.

So glad you linked that. When I read it my first thought was "Digital Subscriber Line" and thought, 'What the heck does an ISP service have do do with anything?'

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Join the club! I love eBay, few here understand that. My own mom says you didn't "WIN" anything, since you paid a price for it. Tecra is a BIT TOO old to get excited about, 256MB system ram screams for an upgrade, if the laptop supports Tualatin, look to see if over 1Ghz is available for it's chipset.


Interesting eBay related:



Only 8200 for comparison, Doesn't appear there's any video cards, and few parts options

My Toshiba A25 was a desktop P4 chip, so it ran hot, also not many upgrade options, but TOUCHPAD, which I demand these days, two of mine broke down, I think fell victim to working internally too many times (just require attention and a soft touch)





I own the Dell C series, still! CPx, C600/610/640.


I found for module based Dells, on eBay a few make PATA to SATA trays, I adapted a failed PS3 60GB SATA drive to the bay formatted on this Acer Aspire with Windows 8, swapped it then to the Dell M60/D800, that's a Centrino Pentium Mobile, 400Mhz FSB and 1.5Ghz

This Dell is a move up to a much better bargain, the same models as Inspiron are 8500 and 8600. The video card upgrades from 32 to 64 to 128MB, and even the Quadro 128 FX I got with mine is having problems with San Andreas. The C600 is only 8mb video ATI 128RAGE

The C610 and comparatively; Compaq n600c IIRC, the n610c, one of those is a Tualatin P3, moving up in models, like the Dell Latitude (4000/4150/4100), the chips run from Coppermine to Tualatin to P4, the P4 CPUs are 2Ghz, a nice clock for an older machine


Looked it up with Bing, it's purported to max RAM at 512MB, I tried a 1GB stick of DDR in my Sony PCG laptop, the one I've mentioned a few times, it was running 1.5GB but having errors, so it turns out that machine specs out to 1GB max, two 512 sticks. You'd at least be looking at PC133, try a 256 (ditch the 128s (if two) and add a 512 in one slot.


Looks like the PIII could be a Coppermine, since they top out at 1Ghz, some revision C600 Dells don't except P3's like the 850Mhz, Speedstep or not, the revision of motherboard dictates what works, of course, make sure your BIOS is updated as recent as possible


If you chose to sell it and upgrade, the Dell I got is shown in a few pics. I got a Toshiba A25 someone discarded, it was the best freebie outside of the HP media Center I just recently found discarded in an alley (m7160n)

The A25 has the same graphics, soldered to the motherboard, you can't upgrade, it's a shame, nothing to write home about with that vid chipset)

user posted image

The D800 I wound up having two, and learning to build it since the first one was stolen, the M60 Precision shares everything but the mobo allows faster RAM, it's running the 1.5GB and Windows 8 preview I mentioned

user posted image

Edited by Slamman
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Good luck even installing 7 on a machine with 256MB of RAM. Chances are that the PIII runs under 1Ghz as well. I just got through retiring a PIII 1GHz with 512MB RAM that I was using for file storage. It was running XP. Now I have an old P4 2.8GHz 1GB RDRAM for the file storage. It has 4 internal HDDs and 1 external. It runs Vista (and pretty smoothly too, for a P4, could use more RAM, but RDRAM isn't worth it.)


Then I have my old Q6600 @ 3.2GHz with 6GB RAM rig running Windows 7, for light gaming (GTX 260.) Then I have my beast 2600K @ 4.3GHz, 12GB RAM, 560 Ti SLI, Windows 7. I also have an i5 2520M laptop with 8GB RAM and Windows 7 (considering making it a Hackintosh) for business/web, and an N450 netbook with 2GB RAM, Windows 7 for ultra-portability.


Yeah I know I'm rambling, but I'm not sure that this topic really has much of a point anyway.

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@Mostly everyone: I know I'll have to get more RAM and a bigger hard drive to install Windows 7. But Windows XP is much better, and it doesn't have like 15 updates every 12 seconds.


@Slamman: I know it's a bit too old, but a laptop's a laptop. Plus, it runs Windows XP very smoothly, so the seller says... And I do know it seriously screams for a RAM upgrade.


@Wolf68k: I was very tired then, it's is a Tecra. And a very good one too.


@Slamman, again: The Dell laptop seems in very good condition, how long have you had it?


@Outcast: Basically I'm going to do light gaming, browsing, emails, photo editing and storing pictures and videos.


@Cursed: I decided to stay with Windows XP, anyway it doesn't have like 15 updates every 12 seconds.


@SyphonPayne: As I've said two times already in this one post, I'm going to stick with Windows XP, anyway it doesn't need to have 15 updates every 12 seconds.

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I'm on my Precision M60 now, the MAJOR coup for Dell owners of any stripe is the readily available Windows Restore discs, these are the same as an OS disc from MS, but you don't need a COA to use them!!

No money other then getting the Dell authorized OS restore disc, you can use them on any Dell

I've been using the D800 for about 4 years or so, the module bays are always a major plus, again, I love touchpads, so starting out on a Toshiba for me, it was the CD and CS410 Satellite series, no touchpad, the earliest Touchpad I owned was a pre-Acer Texas Instruments Extensa IIRC.


One find as well I keep harping on is XP will swap to another brand if the chipset and associated drivers are not a major change, if they are, MS reports back online that it notes these changes and a new COA is needed to keep using it as a Genuine copy

To avoid the updates, make sure you install the latest SERVICE PACK, for Vista, XP, or Win7. You can get Windows 8 for free, and validate it to use until January next year!

Edited by Slamman
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Is there a mouse/touchpad thingie?


Lack thereof?

Here's an 8200 image, hard to get a large one



Specs on there as well

Like my early Toshibas, they preferred a keyboard pointer, as is popular among IBM Thinkpad/Lenova models.

Dell still offers the pencil pointer amid the keyboard, but most companies only offer a Touchpad palmrest.

The idea with the Toshiba design is that one button is your left, one is your right, and the same mouse buttons offered twice, in a different layout I believe.

Mine was dating back to 1997 at the most probably, it was only a 90Mhz Pentium original with MMX support at that time, the display technology had just advanced to TFT! The other displays still out were Active Matrix


Here's a close up of the 8200, if that IS the one

user posted image


Here's a side view, module bay IDE DVD it appears, so any older IDE ODD will mount in the cavity used



Look at that DOWNLOAD link and you have a PDF guide on disassembly, VERY NICE!!



Use that one if you have a PDF reader of course! (FOXIT or Adobe)


Hoping to hear back on your used laptop exploits, I still dabble in them, obviously. My first REAL laptop was the Dell C600, with a password lock on that as well, no stranger to problem solving! hahaha

The C600 is Dell's Latitude or business end, the same laptop for consumer sales is the 4000 Inspiron;




On this auction are some good photos of it.

The casing changes, but the parts don't really, there are two video boards, an 8 and 16MB for the lower Pentium 3, the higher Pentium 3 jumps from Coppermine core to Tualatin support, a lower voltage and better performer. C610 or Inspiron 4100.


The M60 Precision matches the 8500 and 8600 consumer Inspirons, and the D800 Latitude, however, the D800 is stuck with low RAM speeds, the others have a media control panel, so there's not a lot of difference really

Edited by Slamman
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