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Hey, Just a question. I want to start my own Multiplayer Mod I know how to code but i'm unsure how to start? Is there anyone who knows how to start this or has a main file that I can look at and work out what your calling from the actual gme to launch the program but not to launch the program and to take on the code I code for it to run?.


Thanks to all those who reply.


EDIT: TO clarify this is for San Andreas


EDIT 2: Just for those who might say 'You need to start with the memory addresses' I already know this and have made a file called addresses.h

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What do you mean by start your own Multiplayer mod, create a whole new multiplayer or your own server?

If you want to create a whole new multiplayer, MTA has it's source code online.


If you want to create a new server, you should tell for which client (if that's the correct word), samp or mta? And you should ask on the forums of the client. Because they will know more.

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I want to create my own Multiplayer, Also I dont really want to look at MTA's source as it will take me ages to find how they include GTA SA's memory addresses and to set up as basic multiplayer. I downloaded VC:MP the VC:MP source just to see how easy it was to add functions, It was enough easy. But I cant think how I can set up a basic multiplayer with no functions if I can be helped with this I will give credit for it. I just want to start it as a hobby and to update it frequently even if I dont get a player base.

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I know bumping isn't allowed, but I have worked out how to do somthings. All I need to know from all you guys is a list of things i'll need to do to make the multiplayer mod. FOr example number. Define Memory Addresses

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