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Fresh RE-Install - Trouble restoring GTA IV


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As topic says...


I recently built a new PC from scratch, specs are in the Sig...


Reinstalled my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate fresh, and all drivers installed and properly updated; for the record this was done a couple months ago and the system has been running flawlessly ever since!


Now, I want to reinstall my GTA IV.


Fortunately, I have the entire HDD from the previous system all backed up and I have full access to its original GTA IV installation files!


I have copied over all the files from the following folders


..User/NAME/AppData/Local/Rockstar Games/GTA IV




I've recreated my original "local profile" name on XLive...


All my Save Games are listed when I load up GTA IV...


But I keep getting the following error when I try to load one...



"Load Failed. Please check your hard drive and try again"



...and yet, GTA IV will restart a new game, from the beginning just fine...



I have reinstalled several times, nd recopied the pertinent data each time...


I have even reinstalled and then... completely deleted the entire new installation folders and then copied the entire original folders into their place; and thus completely replacing the new GTA IV install with the original folders from the original install on the previous PC....


...yet, it still will not load any of my previous save games!



I've done this before on a previous rebuild several years ago, so I know it works...


I don't understand why I can't get it working now, and its frustrating me as GTA IV is the ONLY thing I have left to restore from the previous PC; and I just can't get it working!

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I've read that guide already...


I've not lost my Xlive Account, which that guide pertains too..


In fact I have access to all the original XLive folders, etc; and can copy them from the source, onto the new install... though that never works.


Though technically, that guide could fix the problem, but since I've not lost the original XLive Account; then I should be able to get my old save files to load properly without resorting to that, correct?

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i can tell you from experience that GTA IV will have problems with windows 7 and save files on some systems. i mean, when i add SSD or HD for swap file, rockstar toronto gives me a "you need to activate" message. removing the hard drive removes the message.

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  • 2 weeks later...


I have attempted to use this guide...


It does not work, in fact the game itself now will not even load...


I can get the Social Club login, but after that...




Any more advice please?


I have done this before on Windows 7, and never had any problems. But now this is a completely new Computer build, with GTA4 installed on a new HDD... with the old installation and the old save files backed up on the old HDD, which I have access to!


I have tried everything.


I have installed GTA from scratch, and then deleted all its various folders from the new installation and copy/pasted them from the old HDD.


I have tried the above Guide by... installing GTA from scratch, and establishing a Save Point; then using that Guide to convert the files by making my old Saves Files match the new ones...


Still it will not work...


I am frustrated to the point where I am thinking of organizing a fricking BOYCOT on the upcoming GTA5 unless Rockstar includes a FAST and EASY means of backing up and restoring your Save Files between new computers!

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I haven't done this savegame transfer business myself so I can't speak from my personal experience. In fact, I have used xliveless 99% of the time, without even having GFWL installed.


The only thing that comes to mind is to use the above guide as if you had lost your xlive account, but it seems you already did that. You can also try to load the savegame in question via xliveless, then save to another slot, remove xliveless and try to modify the new savegame once again to "fit" with the new xlive account.

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