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LS Ride Via Train tutorial


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This is a rebuild of the Railway track of Los Santos and some area of the East beach..In this mod you can see the whole los santos city from the train. Also train riding in the airport area... There is a Rail station near the CJ House in Ganton.you can use the station and pick up the train ... Currently the train will ride on single line..


Also there is a bus station and gas station near the East beach area in the Los Santos. You can view the airport traffic running from the train .

user posted image


This is the bus station present at the East beach ..You can pick the bus and drive in the city.

user posted image

This is the direct airport view from the rail track.user posted image

Ganton Railway Station view..You can pick up the train also can drive by the city..

user posted image

These are stairs through which you can enter in the station area ..you can ride your bike also on the station..

they are present in the opposite side of the ganton road and on the back side of the CJ house in ganton..


user posted image

This is the station view from the CJ House...CJ Will walk a little bit distance and can reach there...



Currently i have just try to see that there should not be any error while running the mod. in future it contain great modification in the city as well as in other cities...

for example:


1). A Station in the Airport Zone.

2 station near the willowfield

3. train yard in sf

and much more......


you can download the mod from



Also it is available here, You can select multiple mirrors to download this mod....

LS Ride Via Train Download


There is a heliped for the levithian helicopter.. you can use that to ride in the city...


somewhere you can see some incomplete work ..that's because m going to work on them in future and try to present them in my next mod...


thanks...for watching...!!!!



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